geoTLDs promote local and digital identities.  They are the perfect place to discover a city or region and plan your well deserved holiday – long or short!

We present you some examples of useful sites to plan your visit and stay.  

The wishes you a nice break !  The portal to visit Bavaria.  Tourist info provided by the Basque Government.   Destinations, Experiences, Accommodation in Switzerland.   The Swiss parks, their landscapes and traditions. Swiss Regions: – – .    Galicia’s complete offer for tourists in 10 languages.  Berlin‘s botanical garden.  Discover the green Berlin near the river. A must go for lovers of trains, planes and other vehicles.  The place to be for fans of electronic music.  The address for visitors, investors and students in Barcelona.  The event portal for the city of Hamburg and surroundings.  The Elbe river and Hamburg harbour by boat.   Enjoy Hamburg by bike.   Discover Hamburg from above.  The Eiffel Tower’s iconic trip to the top and view over Paris.  Discover Paris and its museums.   Book tours and attractions in Paris easily.  For those who can’t choose between a bus tour and nightclub.  Vienna Summer of Culture  Vienna’s famous shopping street.  The concert hall for local artists and open-air performances. Grätzlrad Wien free bicycle renal.  The Cologne Opera house official site. One of the best skateparks in Europe!  Guided and animated tours through Köln.  Brittany‘s Côte de Légendes dream factory where imagination runs at full speed. The Bay of Quiberon. Meneham, 300 years of history. Iroise, a hiker’s paradise. The Paimpol Sailor Song Festival. The Cornouaille Festival. The Lorient Interceltic Festival. Rochefort-en-Terre, the 2016 “Favorite Village of the French”. Holiday destinations and activities in North Rhine-Westphalia and how to get there by public transport.  Check current NRW traffic information to your holiday destination.
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