Barcelona’s young people have got the dot

If you’re aged between 12 and 35, you’ll find all the free resources on everything of interest to you at the website, with information on studies, work, housing, emotional well-being and more. You also have access to 18 points for young people located all around Barcelona.

What content does this .barcelona domain offer?

  • Studies and training: discover the full range of education options available and which ones are best for you. You’ll also find information on study rooms, official language schools, grants and much more.
  • Work: whether you’re looking for your first job, out of work, looking to change sector or start your own project, you’ll find personalised advice on how to do it.
  • Housing: advice on looking for a flat or a room, what support is available to help you pay the rent, information on saving energy at home and all things related to housing.
  • Well-being: discover the municipal services and resources for emotional and psychological support, sexual and reproductive health, physical activity and sport.
  • Activities: get the most out of your free time with all the cultural and recreational options available to young people.

And if you want to keep up with what’s going on at, you can keep up to date with everything via Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and the newsletter.

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