NIS2 Impact on the Registration procedure – ICANN76 community session

The organises a community session during the ICANN 76 Community Forum Cancún on potential impacts of the  EU NIS 2 Directive.  Join the meeting in Cancún or online on Saturday 11 March, 13:15-14:30 EST (18:15-19:30 UTC). (ICANN76 Session link).

Session details

The session organised by the will shed light on the potential impact of the revised EU Network and Information Security Directive (NIS2 Directive) on the day to day business of small and medium sized registry operators. It intends to assess how existing practices are in line with the requirements set by NIS2 and explore how the community can help to address concerns about a fragmented implementation. 

While the session will focus on the registration procedure from a geoTLD and registry perspective, it is expected to be useful for other actors across the DNS community. 

The overall aim of the session is to be informative: 

  • Analyze NIS2 requirements in light of existing practices of DNS operators
  • Raise the concern of a fragmented implementation of NIS2
  • Engage the community in working on proposals for an harmonized implementation regime

Session structure & outline 

  1. Welcome and NIS2 introduction (15 min)
  2. Interactive panel discussion  (50 min)
  3. Wrap Up (10 min)

Session panelists

  • Nacho Amadoz, Chair and GNSO Council member
  • Elena Plexida, VP for Government and IGO Engagement, ICANN
  • Amadeu Abril i Abril, CORE Association
  • Thomas Rickert, ECO and GNSO Council member

Panellists will be invited to provide concise answers to the following questions, followed by a discussion with insitu and online participants:

  • Will NIS2 impact the day to day registry business, and how?
  • Do you foresee any specific issue for GeoTLDs in the transposition and implementation of the Directive by national governments?
  • Are concerns about a fragmentation implementation real?  What can the community do to avoid fragmentation?
  • What could be the next steps to assist national regulators in an adequate implementation regime?



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