Ten photographers have been working in parallel to portray Barcelona, each from their own particular perspective, and document the transformation the city has undergone since 2015. Discover this photographic project at survey.barcelona to understand how the urban landscape has changed and the scope of work carried out in recent years.

This unique photographic of six hundred images features the following visions:

  • Parks (Milena Villalba): general organisation and new green areas.
  • Uses (Andrés Flajszer): elements of public space and how they engage people.
  • Surfaces (Pedro Pegenaute): reurbanisation of streets and added vegetation in more mineral areas.
  • Night (Aitor Estévez): public space during these hours.
  • Air (Jon Tugores): the city seen from above.
  • Life (Xavi Bou and Joan Diví): Barcelona’s biodiversity.
  • Architecture (Adrià Goula): new public housing and facilities and their relationship with the city.
  • Housing (Maite Caramés): personalisation of the inside of public housing by users.
  • Insides(Pol Viladoms): the inside of facilities as new public spaces.
  • Vegetation (Simona Rota): greenery in detail.

The goal of this first photographic survey was to generate a combined vision of the work carried out and shared in numerous projects of different types and dimensions: from major projects in public space to new facilities, public housing and minor works in streets and squares.

original blog posted at https://www.domini.barcelona/en/actualitat/survey-barcelona-the-photographic-vision-of-transformations-in-the-city/ 

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