The COVID-19 pandemic impacts all of us. Communities, governments and organisations had to look for ways to inform citizens, members, and clients. members collected examples of websites and initiatives from within their regions and communities that inform about the pandemic and support those suffering economic, emotional and emotional challenges.


Governments and Authorities inform about the pandemic – The Alertswiss app, by the Swiss federal and cantonal authorities, pushes alerts, warnings and information on hazards and incidents to people’s smartphones in Switzerland. In addition, detailed reports, advice, and extensive information on the incident or hazard is provided on the  website. Looking for the latest COVID-19 updates for your canton? An overview of all official sources of information on the pandemic in Switzerland is compiled on the website. – NHS inform is Scotland’s national health information service to provide people with accurate and relevant information to help them make informed decisions about their own health and the health of people they care for.  is Scotland’s main COVID-19 help website  with the latest COVID-19 guidance from the NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government. – The Public Health Services of the City of Vienna launched as the official website on the COVID-19 vaccination. The website provides information on the city’s Corona Vaccination Plan and allows residents to pre-register for a vaccination. – The Berlin Government compiled an overview of COVID test centres and test sites in the city with their contact information and direct links to make an appointment on the portal. The website also provides key information on the virus, prevention, and advice on what to do if tested negative.

barcelonactiva.barcelonaBarcelona Activa, the city’s agency for economic promotion, created the micro-website where self-employed, companies, cooperatives, entities and workers find an overview of available aid and resources from different institutions to help them tackle the economic difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. – is the official portal on COVID-19 by the Galician Health Service . – The Basque Government uses the domain to direct citizens to its official webpage with information related to the COVID-19 virus.


Further examples, official and private initiatives:


Below are just a few of many examples of official and private initiatives directly or indirectly related to the COVID pandemic that chose for a geoTLD domain.


  • , a club-community-driven donation campaign and streaming initiative supporting clubs, artists and people working in culture suffering from the shut down of clubs and cultural venues due to the pandemic.
  • & , the Catalan phrases Cuida’t Barcelona! (translated Look after yourself Barcelona!) and Mai ens taurem Barcelona! (translated Never stop Barcelona!) appear in information campaigns by the Barcelona City Council on social, emotional and economic support for anyone affected by COVID-19 and the city’s reactivation and return to general activity.
  • is a one-stop portal featuring information about and access to the local, state and federal resources small businesses need in order to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus.
  • / is a non-profit platform that supports local business closed because of the pandemic by selling vouchers, which can be redeemed as soon as they open again.
  • links to the COVID-19 webpage of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians for the city-state of Hamburg.
  • is an unofficial site, which collates virus illness statistics.
  • on the .swiss governmental online enterprise desk provides information and data about covid-19 credits for companies. Covid related Information for employers and job seekers is available in the Pandemic/Coronavirus section on / .


(*banner is based on the poster by the Barcelona City Council)
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