Choosing the right web address for your business can be stressful. You want something that makes it clear what you offer, keeps things simple for advertising, and is easy to remember. That’s where a .sydney address comes in to do the heavy lifting. There are more names available, making it easier to secure your dream URL, and your audience knows exactly where you’re located. Check out how some of these Sydney-based businesses are using their .sydney domain name.

Toilet Paper Sydney –

Thanks to COVID, many of us have a new appreciation for toilet paper. The team at has made it easy for people in the Sydney area and beyond to have their paper needs met. Short and to the point, this SEO-friendly web address makes it easy for individuals and businesses to stock up on product.

Burger Co

There are tons of burger joints in Sydney, but there’s only one This American-style burger restaurant carves out a space for itself in a crowded market with its unique URL. It’s a great address for advertising, making it clear where you’ll find the restaurant, and makes for a good Google result for people searching for the restaurant online.

Food Geek –

Food Geek is a fun, flavourful catering company focused on fast, convenient delivery. Because their Food Culinary team is located in Sydney, it makes sense for them to have a .sydney web address. It drives home the fact that their food is made fresh daily, with local produce, and can be delivered to their clients throughout the city quickly. It’s also a fun address that showcases the brand’s personality­.

Wedding Fireworks Sydney

With this .sydney web address, there’s no miscommunication about what this business offers and where. Having all their main keywords included right in their URL can help boost Wedding Fireworks Sydney’s organic SEO rankings, meaning they can spend less on advertising, while also minimising out-of-state clients who may try and reach them. Plus, it’s a name that’s easy for customers to remember or recommend, a win-win for any business.

Lending Sydney –

When you visit the website, it’s clear where this brokerage company is located. Lending Sydney offers a variety of services, from home and investment loans to deposit bonds, and their URL reflects that. It’s a memorable address to use in advertising or on business cards. It also reinforces their ethos of being friendly, local brokers who can assist and work around your schedule.

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