When you have a .melbourne website, there’s no question about where your business is located. It means you can get the URL you want with a top-level domain (TLD) that’s memorable. Whether you have a side hustle, a professional business, a hospitality venue, or something in between, a .melbourne helps you reach the right audience. Need some inspiration? Take a look at some of our favourite .melbourne websites below.

Kangaroo Hopping Tours – www.yarravalleywinetours.melbourne

This tour business operates their main URL, www.kangaroohoppingtours.com.au, but it’s long and covers all their tours. When they want to specifically advertise their Yarra Valley region tours, they turn to their .melbourne address. Whether they’re marketing to international visitors, interstate travellers, or a local clientele, it’s an address that stands out on social media and paid advertising and makes it clear what the end product is.

Moon Light House BnB – www.moonlighthousebnb.melbourne

Moon Light House is a Melbourne dream home available for rent. The catch is that it’s listed on Airbnb, so any direct links to the property would be long, unwieldly URLs, not ideal for social media. That’s where a .melbourne comes in handy. By using moonlighthousebnb.melbourne, the owner can easily advertise the house with an SEO-friendly address that’s easy to remember and share.

Food Hall – www.foodhall.melbourne

Food Hall is comprised of five delicious restaurants sharing one larger space. Instead of operating multiple websites, all of the restaurants’ menus and info can be found at foodhall.melbourne. It conveys the spirit of the dining space—a fun, friendly communal space where people can enjoy good food and good times. Foodies only have to remember one catchy web address instead of seeking out five different ones.

Edney Celebrations www.celebrant.melbourne

There are plenty of celebrants in the Melbourne area. But a web address like celebrant.melbourne stands out in a crowded space. It’s a URL that includes two keywords­—“celebrant” and “Melbourne”—which is helpful for organic SEO results. It also means that potential clients don’t have to remember John’s name, but rather the catchy address. It’s perfect for advertising and reaching the target demographic.


The world-renowned university has carved out its very own Melbourne address online. RMIT.edu.au doesn’t exactly flow off the tongue. But rmit.melbourne is fantastic branding for the uni. The address helps showcase the school’s location,  which is a huge draw for students, both within Australia and internationally. It also helps reinforce that attending RMIT means living and working in Melbourne, important for a university that emphasises practical, industry-based learning.

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