In today’s world of e-commerce, SEO and digital marketing, businesses need to understand the value of a recognisable and ‘searchable’ online presence. But with over 280 million web addresses registered worldwide and most four-letter .com combinations taken, finding an available domain name that describes your business can be tough.

Fortunately for local Melbourne businesses, you can reach your audience online via a .melbourne domain name. Here are five reasons local business needs a .melbourne domain.



There is a much greater chance that you can secure the short and exact-match domain name you want.

Melbourne’s iconic Flower Drum restaurant was previously using the clunky and hard to remember web address.

By adopting a .melbourne domain name and moving to www.flowerdrum. melbourne , they were able to claim the exact name they wanted which was far more memorable and to-the-point.

In many cases a domain like may not be available, so many people think they’re forced to choose long, unwieldy domain names and add in additional words in order to find one that is available.

By registering a . melbourne domain you can claim the exact name you want which is far more memorable and to-the-point. Your short, punchy new domain will be easy to remember, and will reinforce both the name and location of your business and provide greater meaning to your customers.


A domain name that clearly defines your business can be a great investment. With a . melbourne domain name, savvy businesses have the opportunity to dominate an entire market segment within their local area. For instance, will have every Melbourne comic book aficionado banging on your door.

Domain names such as, and are being snapped up quickly by innovative businesses who want to dominate their market segment.


A study into the SEO impact of domain names has found they can improve your position in search results.

If you are relying on people to find you via traffic from search engines you should use real words and relevant industry terms in your domain name. Something like would likely increase your search ranking.

German SEO specialists Searchmetrics compared search results in Berlin between .berlin domain names, .com names and the national .de domain name. The researchers found .berlin domains outperformed their competitors in 42% of searches, more than any other domain suffix. They achieved an average local ranking advantage of 1.18 positions.

The study by Searchmetrics suggests highly relevant content, social media signals and a good domain name are among the most important factors in attaining a high ranking in Google search results.


As there is a much greater chance of getting an exact-match web address for your business. The loss of unnecessary words in your domain name means a .melbourne domain is more memorable and relevant to your customers.

This can lead to greater message recall and increased engagement with your audience.


Internet users have little insight into where a .com-based business is physically located or who is behind the website.

A .melbourne domain provides an unprecedented opportunity to target a local audience and makes it simple for people to understand where you’re based, while taking advantage of Melbourne’s iconic brand.

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