Why join

If you currently run a geographic top level domain, or if you are considering applying to run one in the future, you will benefit immediately from joining

Operating a top level domain (TLD) for a city or region, or even a language or cultural group, it can seem as if no one else understands the unique pressures and opportunities you face:

  • How to responsibly steward your part of the global Internet infrastructure while making sure you reflect the needs of your many stakeholders
  • How to meet your public interest goals while running a cost-effective operation
  • How to understand what you need to about the organisation administering your registry contract, ICANN, and how to balance ICANN’s requirements with national laws

Although was launched in 2016, our founders have worked on these issues for over a decade. We made sure that the specific needs of geographic TLDs were reflected in the process ICANN launched to create these names, in 2012. Looking forward, we are helping to shape ICANN decision-making on policy issues that affect our members and also on future new TLDs.

We are the only association that connects and represents geoTLD managers around the world.

What you will get

  • Access to a network of peers facing the same challenges you are, but in their own geographic area – online and at face to face meetings
  • Shared and confidential insights into operations, marketing and legal challenges that other GeoTLDs are facing
  • A way to efficiently amplify your voice to ensure that future policy or contractual issues at ICANN are resolved in a way that supports you

Our Mission

The mission of the is to promote and connect those engaged in the advocacy, promotion, governance, and development of geoTLDs within their communities and to all their stakeholders.


GeoTLD.Group has two categories of membership: Effective Member and Observer.

If you intend to apply to ICANN for a geoTLD in the future, Observer membership status allows you to learn about applying for and running a GeoTLD.

The Board of Directors decides whether or not to accept the candidate as an Effective Member or as an Observer at its following assembly. In case of a rejection, the applicant must be informed in writing.

You can apply here for either type of membership.

Effective Members

Effective Members must meet all of the following general criteria, and must be a legal entity or organization that:

  1. Is a contracted party to ICANN in terms of the operation of a geographic top-level domain or has the authority to represent and act on behalf of such an organization; and
  2. Has documented public support of its relevant government(s); and
  3. Operates a top-level domain that is based on a geographic name, geographic identifier or geographic indication; and
  4. Has the purpose of using domain names to indicate or identify as a geographic, linguistic or cultural origin.


Legal entities or organization not eligible to become an Effective Member can join as an Observer.


The membership fees are agreed as follows from 01 Jan 2017:

Number of registered domain names per members Annual fee (EUR)
0 – 5,000 500
5,001 – 10,000 750
10,001 – 25,000 1,000
25,000 – 50,000 1,250
50,000 – 100,000 1,500
100,000+ 1,750

Observer fees are EUR 250 less than the category they would fit as member. Minimum observer fee is EUR 500.