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The regional top-level domain .ruhr represents the Ruhr area on the Internet. As the world's first newly introduced domain ending with a geographical reference, the .ruhr addresses went online in 2013 ahead of those of the world's metropolises London, Paris and Berlin. At the same time, the top-level domain .ruhr is the first domain ending to go online after the introduction of .de in Germany more than 30 years ago. With .ruhr an important milestone in the history of the Ruhr area has been created, which enriches the internet. .ruhr brings together what is still not shown on the map today - the Ruhr metropolis. It thus gives the 53 cities and 5 million inhabitants as well as the companies, institutions and associations their own home on the net.




Count Updated: 22 July 2022
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geoTLD.group welcomes 2 new members at Quimper meeting

geoTLD.group welcomes 2 new members at Quimper meeting

The geoTLD.group finished its 2-3 June members' meeting kindly hosted in the city of Quimper by Association BZH, the geoTLD registry for .bzh representing Brittany / Bretagne.  The meeting was entirely hybrid with an active onsite and online participation. At the...

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