Market research

Market research by ICANN

These studies examined domain name registrants’ perceived sense of trust, choice and experience in the current domain name landscape:

These studies explored whether the New gTLD Program has affected competition in the domain name marketplace:

Findings from the Global Consumer Research Study to measure aspects of consumer awareness, perceived consumer choice, experience and trust related to the current generic top-level domain (gTLD) landscape and the domain name system (DNS):

Market research by others

This survey was designed to measure global attitudes about awareness, acceptance, preference and knowledge related to domain names. Established top-level generic names and country-code names (gTLD and ccTLD) were tested along with new generic top-level names:

Market reseach by SEO experts

Globerunner: This 18-page guide will demonstrate how to evaluate and strategically select and position your domain name for search engine optimization following best practices. “SEO and Domain Name Best Practices” has been authored by SEO expert Bill Hartzer of Globe Runner in collaboration with the Domain Name Association.

Learn how to best to leverage domain name selection and content in order to achieve your organization’s SEO goals. This white paper provides a comprehensive outline for maximizing the value of a domain name as it relates to search engine responses. Key takeaways from this white paper include:

  • Essential best practices for SEO and search engine marketing
  • Performing due diligence to avoid domain name devaluation
  • A multi-tiered approach to selecting a domain name (and avoiding the “wrong one”)
  • Evaluating, implementing and optimizing a new domain name

Searchmetrics: The German SEO specialists published a Google search study, where they compared local search results in Berlin comparing the performance of .berlin, .de and .com websites. Overall the sample size showed that websites using .berlin domains on average ranked 1,18 places higher in the Google search results than the other two extensions.

Domain Name Wire:

Market reseach by GeoTLD operators