geoTLD group meeting

28-29 September 2017 / Auzo Factory Irazabal Matiko, 6th floor)


Thursday 28. September

1. Welcome / Housekeeping (Sebastien, Dirk, Ronald)

  • Membership status
  • Financials and annual invoices
  • Website, backlinks and outreach
  • The groups’s goals re-visited

2. What happens at .cat?

  • Update and discussion

3. GDPR update and experience

  • Update on things done since Jo’burg (Sebastien)
  • Update from .amsterdam (Ewout)
  • What are our members planning to do individually (all)
  • Presentation of an ideal GDPR model (Sebastien, Marianne)

4. ICANN Updates

  • Geoname discussion and working group (Katrin, Marianne, Sebastien)
  • Next round development (all)

5. TREX by TMCH (Vicky and Peter, 45 min)

Friday 29. September

6. Key performance indicators (Dirk)

7.  Marketing experience

  • Update on premium domain experience (all)
  • Update on price increase .berlin and .hamburg (Katrin)
  • Update and other DigitalTown experience (tbc)
  • Update on (Anja)

The protocol and presentions of the meeting can be downloaded here.