GeoTLD Meeting Berlin 21 March 2013

Protocol [GeoTLDs] Meeting Berlin
21.03.2013 from 09:00 to 19:00 in room 219, Berlin City Hall
Moderation by Dirk Krischenowski


  • Anita Martinecz (.ZUERICH)
  • Anja Elsing (.RUHR)
  • Anne Laure Leobold (Registrar SEDO)
  • Ashley La Bolle (Registrar EPAG/Tucows)
  • Benjamin Louis (.ALSACE)
  • Bernd Ostendorf (.HAMBURG, Hamburg Ministry of Economy, Transport and Innovation)
  • Bernhard Greil (.TIROL)
  • Can Arikan (.ZUERICH, City of Zuerich)
  • Christian Jenny (.SWISS, Swiss Government)
  • Claudia Leis (.RUHR)
  • Dieter Zeibig (.KOELN, .COLOGNE)
  • Dirk Krischenowski (.BERLIN)
  • Dmitry Bukov (.MOSCOW incl. IDN)
  • Egbert Wolf (.AMSTERDAM)
  • Ewout de Graaf (.FRL)
  • Hanna Brogren (.STOCKHOLM, City of Stockholm)
  • Hans-Friedrich Müller (City of Berlin)
  • Hartmut Schulze (.KOELN, .COLOGNE)
  • Hubert Welleman (SIDN, RSP for 2 GeoTLDs .AMSTERDAM .FRL)
  • Johannes Lenz-Hawliczek (.BERLIN)
  • Johannes Söderlund (.STOCKHOLM, City of Stockholm)
  • Julie Chapell (.LONDON, London & Partners)
  • Katrin Ohlmer (.BERLIN)
  • Markus Kichl (.TIROL)
  • Markus Schäfer (Registrar Hostserver)
  • Marten Lehmann (Registrar Variomedia)
  • Michael Shohat (Registrar STRATO/CRONON)
  • Nacho Amadoz (.BARCELONA .BCN)
  • Nadine Schüttel (City of Berlin)
  • Nicolas Fritsch (Registrar InterNetX/PSI-USA)
  • Oliver Sueme (.HAMBURG)
  • Peter Vergote (.BRUSSELS. VLANDEREN)
  • Phil Kingsland, Nominet (.WELSH, .CYMRU)
  • Raimund Witte (.KOELN, .COLOGNE)
  • Richard Wein, Martin Schlicksbier, Alexander Mayerhofer (, RSP for 5 GeoTLDs .BERLIN .BRUSSELS .WIEN .HAMBURG .TIROL)
  • Ronald Schwärzler (.WIEN)
  • Sascha Krajan (City of Berlin)
  • Werner Staub (.BCN, .BARCELONA, .CAT, .MADRID, .SWISS, .SCOT, .GAL, .EUS, .QUEBEC …)
  1. Welcome

Dirk Krischenowski warmly welcomed the participants. Hans-Friedrich Müller made his introductory speech to welcome the participants on behalf of the City of Berlin. Dirk Krischenowski thanked the sponsors City of Berlin (facilities), (.AT Registry and RSP for GeoTLDs), Hostserver (ICANN Registrar) and DOTZON (Consultancy for gTLDs) for the support of the meeting.

  1. .BERLIN Intro

Dirk Krischenowski gave the attached presentation on the current status and launch phasing of the .BERLIN TLD.

  1. Marketing Examples .KOELN, .MOSCOW/МОСКВА and .RUHR

Marketing presentations (attached) by the GeoTLDs applicants .KOELN, .MOSCOW/МОСКВА and .RUHR

  1. Administration

A self-introduction of the participants followed. The group discussed how to handle the group’s documents on Google Drive and decided to limit the access to documents to group members only.

At the ICANN meeting in Beijing a room will be allocated for the group, 25 persons are expected in Beijing (14 from today’s meeting). Dirk will inform Glen about the participation.

Ronald Schwärzler offered to evaluate a free web-conference tool for the group.

Next Meeting Poposals

  • Julie Chappel invited the participants for a meeting in London in June 2013 (before ICANN Durban in July).
  • Dmitry Bukov invited the participants for a meeting in Moscow in September 2013.
  1. Update of Working Groups
  1. ICANN update on Objections, PICs, GAC Advice (GAC will try to escape, not be responsible, only objects on principles but not on individual applicants)
  2. ICANN Issues
    1. Registry Agreement – unilateral amendment must be removed, if not, at least specified under which circumstances unilateral amendments shall be possible; asking for accountability, no delay. Applicants should speak with one voice in Beijing.
    2. .AMSTERDAM to provide a legal study by a law firm; currently legal department gives negative advice on the contract.
    3. RAA2013 – no action
    4. Participants task is to outreach to their GAC members before Beijing
    5. Michael Salazar and Nacho Amadoz draft a message to GAC members
  3. Working group Launch Phases
    1. .BRUSSELS .VLAANDEREN .BERLIN .HAMBURG will conduct a local sunrise (partly prior to TMCH sunrise)
    2. BRUSSELS .VLAANDEREN .BERLIN .HAMBURG .RUHR – FCFS principle in domain allocation
    3. .WIEN, .TIROL, CORE, Nominet – Auctions in Sunrise
    4. Prioritization of legal rights (TMCH, local marks, governments,….) is very different among the GeoTLDs
    5. .WIEN: Pioneer phase for governments
    6. .BRUSSELS: Reason for parallel sunrise is protection for governments
    7. .WIEN: Issues ticket numbers for each sunrise application
    8. .CAT: Prioritization was based on publically available lists
  4. Working Group Reserved Names
    1. Namespace development: Werner discussed various sources for reserved names; proposed to share resources and to develop a set of standards to exchange data or manage it
    2. Werner will ask Google and group at University Geneva (yellow pages, tourist office)
    3. .WIEN: Research for reserved premium names is made by 10 students in 5-6 weeks
    4. .MOSKAU: Define approach how to handle lists
    5. .AMSTERDAM will only have a very short list of 20-30 names to avoid confusion in the market
    6. Discussion of new paragraph 2.6 in the Registry Agreement
    7. Dirk Krischenowski will assemble a draft Registry Reserved list
  1. Other Topics
  1. Disputes: .BRUSSELS thinks of own UDRP provider
  2. Payment: Intense discussion on Post-Payment or not
  3. Beijing: Meeting on Monday 08 April for GeoTLDs. Second meeting together with GAC: Ask GAC secretary formeeting with GACs.
  4. The group thanked the sponsors and the .BERLIN team for organising and hosting the meeting.
  1. Speed-Dating

Speed-Dating between GeoTLD-Registries and German ICANN-accredited Registrars EPAG/Tucows, Hostserver, InterNetX/PSI-USA, STRATO/CRONON, Variomedia and SEDO.

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