Photo Gallery

Participating Members of the geoTLD-meeting in Strasbourg. Photo taken Sept. 09 2018 at the Region Grand Est (ex Alsace) headquarters.
Roadside advertisement to introduce new speedlimits in the Flemish region of Belgium. Photo taken from
Hamburg mayor Olaf Scholz with his own domain name on Twitter:
Want to see some videos from the .frl domain? Check out our youtube channel on:
During the launch of .amsterdam, we filled the streets with a large outdoor campaign. Using typically Amsterdam slang to raise brand awareness for the new top-level domain. If your are proud of Amsterdam, why is your domain still dotNL? The creative was rewarded on renowned advertising festival....
For the .amsterdam domain launch, we had a collaboration with a neat electrical bike manufacturer. The bike was named 'mazzel fiets' which is Amsterdam slang for 'lucky bike'.
In the summer of 2016, the .frl team went out to meet its audience. With a triggering campaign 'Doe het lekker #opznfries' - free translation ' do it Frisian style', like doggystyle, etc :). The campaign helped raise brand awareness and was able to turn the downward trend around after first year renewal....
Lots of ads for C.AMSTERDAM around Amsterdam
The new iconic logo for Rio de Janeiro:
The Berlin Pop-up-Stores in foreign cities to promote Berlin:
Real estate project