Name of the Registry Operator: FRLregistry B.V.

Website: https://registreer.frl

Statistics: https://namestat.org/frl

Postal Adress: Willemskade 3, 8911 AW Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Contact: support@registreer.frl

Ownership: Public/Government

Start of General Availability: 14 April 2015

Registration Policies: http://nic.frl

Registry Service Provider (Backend): OpenRegistry

Description: FRLregistry b.v. is the official operator of the .frl top-level domain with active support from the government of the Frisian region. Friesland is a relatively small region within the Netherlands with approx. 600.000 inhabitants. Although the region is small, the identity is strong. Friesland has its own official language, a rich cultural background and a strong sense of community.



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