Name of the Registry Operator: Gemeente Amsterdam

Website: https://geefmijmaar.amsterdam

Statistics: http://namestat.org/amsterdam

Postal Adress: Willemskade 3, 8911 AW Leeuwarden, Netherlands

Contact: support@geefmijmaar.amsterdam

Ownership: Government

Start of General Availability: 01 September 2015

Registration Policies: http://nic.amsterdam

Registry Service Provider (Backend): SIDN

Description: Amsterdam is more famous than Holland or the Netherlands. This creative capital has really responded well to the launch of the .amsterdam domain. Now people from Amsterdam have the opportunity to show the world where they are coming from and what they have to offer. .The .amsterdam domain was launched with a nation wide branding campaign, followed by regular campaigns to highlight the remarkable .amsterdam domains that work as frontrunners to show the attractivity of the domain.


Logos .amsterdam

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