geoTLD Group Meeting at ICANN Barcelona 

Sunday October 21 2018 (13:30 – 15:00, room 133)


  • Housekeeping and internal topics
  • GDPR update and survey
  • Marketing & Communication of members
  • ICANN related topics
    • The nTLD Pre-Round Model (presented by Tony Kirsch, Neustar)
    • Update geoNames (Katrin Ohlmer, DOTZON)
  • Any other business (AOB)


Link at ICANN 63 website:

geoTLDs as Enabler for Local Communities’ Support, City Branding, Smart City and E-Government solutions 

Wednesday October 24th (13:30 – 18:30, room 129/130)

Goals and Expected Outcomes:

  • Present the different use cases for geoTLDs (city, region, continent, language and culture, etc.), as well as the different institutional structures (public, private, public/private partnerships)
  • Explore the current and future innovations geoTLDs may bring to the different areas: city branding, E-Government, promotion of languages, citizens participation, etc.
  • Explore how geoTLDs may be used by Local Authorities to complement their Digital Agenda initiatives.

The Session will consist of 3 consecutive Panels:

  1. Presentation of the different kinds of geoTLDs and their evolution
  2. Use Cases from different geoTLDs
  3. How geotTLDs fit (or may fit) into the Digital Strategy of different cities

Link at ICANN 63 website: including audio files of the meeting.


Public presentations held during the meeting:

The group photo:

Participating members of the geoTLD-meeting during ICANN 63 in Barcelona on Oct. 21 2018.