The meeting of the GeoTLD Group took place at the 57. ICANN meeting in Hyderabad.

Date: 04 Nov 2016 from 13:45 to 16:45 (local time)

Location: Hyderabad International Convention Centre Room MR 1.02 (watch out here)

Link to the GeoTLD at ICANN’s website: http://sched.co/8cwY


  • Sue Schuler (ICANN)
  • Don Hollander (ICANN)
  • Mert Saka (ICANN)
  • Valerie Heng (ICANN)
  • Werner Staub (Corenic for .bcn, .barcelona)
  • Lars Steffen (eco association)
  • Andreas Musilak (.de)
  • Richard Wein (.at)
  • Dmitry Bukov (.moscow, .mockba)
  • Stephane (.swiss)
  • Michael Flemming (.tokyo)
  • Sebastien Ducos (.sydney, .melbourne)
  • Dirk Krischenowski (.berlin)
  • Ronald Schwärzler (.wien)
  • Normand Fortier (.quebec)
  • Lut (.be, brussels, .vlaanderen)
  • Emelie Turbat (.paris)
  • Regis Masse (.paris)
  • Joost Van Rooy (.nl, .frl, .amsterdam)
  • Eeshaan Satwalekar (webhosting.info)
  • Siddharth Taliyan (LogicBoxes)
  • Priyanka Frias (LogicBoxes)
  • Benjamin Louis (.quebec)
  • Zeynep Özbek (.ist/.istanbul)
  • Saim Satiraglu (.ist/.istanbul)
  • Linda Müller (.koeln, .nrw)
  • George Minados (.build)
  • Nacho Amados (.cat)
  • Peter Vergote (.be, brussels, .vlaanderen)
  • Steinar Grotterod (.global)
  • Crystal Peterson (.nyc)
  • Leanne Hobgren (.tokyo)
  • Alexander Schubert (.gay)
  • Cintra Sooknanan (ALAC Lat)
  • Ewout de Graaf (.frl, .amsterdam)


13:45 – 14:00  Welcome from the executive Committee

Sebastien welcomed the participants. A introductory round of all participants was made.

14:00 – 14:45  House keeping GeoTLD Group

GeoTLD Group – Structure update Sebastien

  • Housekeeping topics and update on the association foundation.

Ronald – Financial status report

  • EUR 15,812 income, expenses for association incorporation, Website.

Dirk presented a plan for the groups’s objectives for 2017 which was discussed in the group

  • Increase member & observer basis
  • Become number one resource on GeoTLD information
  • Get GeoTLD topics done
  • Create a benchmarking environment

Sebastien gave an update of the Working Groups.

Josu invited the group to come to San Sebastien for the intercessional meeting in Aug/Sep 2017.

Don suggested that the group become member of the four regional ccTLD organizations. Collaboration would be good at least. Membership in DNA was also suggested. Dirk suggested that a liaison model like in ICANN may work without paying fees.

Ronald and Dirk presented the website advancement. Dirk has put most of the content on the new website and also documents and photos from GeoTLD meetings starting in 2007.

What can/should members do for the website:

14:45 – 15:30  Presentations

Siddarth presentation on statistics and analysis of Registrar and Registry data with webhosting.info (information on hosting of domain names, http-codes, email addresses based on .com domain names in the GeoTLD region). The data could be used to contact domain names owners in the GeoTLD region.

.NYC Premium Launch was presented by Crystal

  • 4,500 premium domain names in total
  • 3,800 premium domain names with tiered pricing via EPP
  • 500 Super premium domain names
  • Outreach by blog, public forums, website update
  • Auction NYC Living: Ad in NYTimes, post card in real estate verticals, press release with city
  • Comment: High premium fees and normal renewal fees work best.
  • Comment: Domainers are not benefit the image and use of a GeoTLD.
  • Comment: Auctions are a field of domainers mainly.

(Slides are in the Member Area)

Renewals patterns presentation and discussion by Dirk

  • Comment: The auto-renewal is used by a small portion of

(Slides are in the Member Area)

15:30 – 16:15  Working Groups

Key Performance indicators (KPIs)

  • We will put the XLS on the Member Area
  • We aim to have a final set at ICANN Copenhagen
  • Everybody should keep its data updated

Don Hollander on Universal Acceptance (UA)

  • Difficult to become traction with global tech conference ($$$)
  • Auto-complete recognition is called linkification (see documents uasg.tech)
  • GeoTLDs to seek Universal Awareness of label.label = domain name
  • GeoTLDs will further exchange with ICANN UA projekt

16:15 – 16:45  Any Other Business

  • The ExCom will prepare messages for the RySG meeting on Sunday.
  • The English language press release was translated in French by Normand. Members are requested to spread the en/fr press release.
  • ICANN requests to split our 4h-meeting into two time 2h-meeting. Members should think about it and give feedback.
  • Sebastien presented the new TMCH proposal. No action has taken on this.
  • Alexander presented and discussed a proposal for .usa with the audience.
  • Discussion on the group’s input to the GAC proposal on geo-names. No action has taken on this.

The protocol and presentions of the meeting can be downloaded here.