GeoTLD meeting on 23-24 Jan 2014 in Amsterdam

Protocol [GeoTLDs] Meeting Amsterdam
23.01.2013 from 13:00 to 18:00 in room 1245, Amsterdam City Hall
Moderation by Paul and Egbert, Protocol by Dirk


  • Paul Molenaar, Egbert Wolf (.AMSTERDAM)
  • Dirk Krischenowski, Katrin Ohlmer (.BERLIN, .RUHR)
  • Ronald Schwärzler (.WIEN, .TIROL)
  • Hartmut Schulze (.KOELN, .COLOGNE)
  • Julie Chapell, Steven ? (.LONDON)
  • Oliver Sueme (.HAMBURG)
  • Sebastien Bacholett, ICANN Board Member
  • Peter Vergote, Lut Goedhuys (.BRUSSELS. VLANDEREN)
  • Neil Dundas, Calvin Brown, Sasha Dinculescu (.AFRICA, .CAPETOWN, .DURBAN, .JOBURG)
  • Rubens Kuhl (.RIO)
  • Phil Kingsland, Nominet (.WELSH, .CYMRU)
  • Amadeu Abril i Abril, Werner Staub (.BCN, .BARCELONA, .CAT, .MADRID, .SWISS, .SCOT, .GAL, .EUS, .QUEBEC …)
  • Richard Wein, Martin Schlicksbier, Karl-Heinz Wolf (, RSP for 5 GeoTLDs)
  • Sergey Gorbunov, Dimitry Bukov (.MOSCOW incl. IDN)
  • Fabien Betremieux, Jean Philippe Clement, Matthieu Crédou (.PARIS, .CORSICA, .AQUITAINE, .BORDEAUX, .BZH, .AQUITAINE)
  • Sieger Springer, Hubert Welleman (SIDN, RSP for 2 GeoTLDs)
  • Steinar Grøtterød, Sedari
  • Ewout de Graaf, Henri de Jong, Mijn Domein (.FRL)


  1. Welcome by Egbert Wolf/Paul Molenaar

Egbert warmly welcomed the partipants on behalf of the City of Amsterdam government.

  1. .amsterdam & the City – a brief Overview of what we intend to achieve

Egbert made the attached presentation. Main points why the concept of an .AMSTERDAM GeoTLD was supported are:

  • Creation of a new economic market and added value chain in Amsterdam.
  • Enable  individuals, companies and institutions to express and show a bond with Amsterdam.
  • Support the city’s marketing strategy. It’s a new challenge and great chance, but it took a time to explain .AMSTERDAM to all stakeholders.
  • Support the international image of Amsterdam.

In many other cities like Rotterdam or Frankfurt no private sponsor was found to pay the application fees and expenses of some EUR 100K, that’s why we have not seen more applications.

Paul presented key numbers for .AMSTERDAM:

  • 72,000 companies, 800,000 inhabitants, 7,000 street names, 15,000 gTLD domain names already contain the string “amsterdam”.
  • Plan is to sell about 3,500 premium domain names, the registrations numbers after 3 years are 10,000 domain names, after 10 years 75,000 registered domain names are expected.
  • The registration policies have low restrictions like .nl, but there should be a preference for locals in the Sunrise phase
  • Government does not want a tsunami of sex related domain names

There was a discussion on the topic how to prevent this and a discussion on how to allocate streets names and other public names to “the right owner”. “Price to the Registrar” discussion on Landrush prices:

  • EUR 30,00 for .amsterdam.
  • Starting with higher price, that decreases over time to EUR 15.00 to 20.00. City of Barcelona is thinking of giving certain names (e.a. surnames) for free in opposite. Most of our projects starts with EUR 100.00 (.MADRID, .BARCELONA, .SCOT, etc.), like the starting .CAT in 2006 (now EUR 15,00).
  • EUR 20.00 for .BERLIN and EUR 20.00 for .RUHR
  • EUR 18.00 for .WIEN and .TIROL
  • EUR 5.50 for .KOELN
  • EUR 20.00 for .SAARLAND, later EUR 15.00
  • GBP 35.00 from the beginning for .LONDON
  • EUR 25.00 for .BRUSSELS
  • Starting higher with EUR 40.00 to 50.00, decreasing to EUR 10.00 over time (.PARIS)
  • Starting higher with EUR 100.00 for 2 years, decreasing over time then. Think about special prices for street names and other public or category name. Think of name space mandates.
  • EUR 20.00 for .HAMBURG
  • US$ 18.00 for .AFRICA and other SA-GeoTLDs, give preference to local registrants. Thinking of reverse auction starting e.g. with US$ 10,000
  • Same with .MOSCOW with reverse auction

Phil: Nominet is doing a public consultation on .WELSH and .CYMRU policies.
Amadeu: .CAT has done consultation with politicians.
Werner: The concept of communties has been confused by ICANN.
Dirk: Policy of .BERLIN has been discussed in the city council (Abgeordnetenhaus)

  1. Launch (sunrise & landrush) setup of .vlaanderen and .brussels (Peter Vergote)

Werner: We can change the current ICANN process when city and local governments stand up and make their concerns being recognized.
Peter’s presentation:

  • The price to the registrar decreased for .BE from EUR 25.00 to EUR 2.50 (now) over a decade had nearly no effect on the registration numbers.
  • For .BRUSSELS it took only two weeks from issuing the RFP to make a contract.
  • “How to allocate domain names” proposal for .BRUSSELS:
  1. Governments have the ultimate right to reserve its names (except of generic names like hotel, shopping, etc.)
  2. Sunrise 1 – TMCH (validation fee app. EUR 85.00)
  3. Sunrise 2 – Other Trademarks and marks
  4. Sunrise 3 – For surnames based on eID
  5. Sunrise auctions
  6. Premium list auction
  7. Landrush auction
  • Auction revenues are invested in the TLD to lower the price.
  • The question on when to run which Sunrise (TMCH, locals, individuals, etc.) has not been solved yet.

Amadeu: Put all trademarks in one single phase that starts at the same time and in parallel (TMCH, local TMs, individual’s surnames, etc.). Werner and Amadeu want to share their proposal, which was also used for .PARIS) with the group. It should be possible to improve the model that has been published with the application. Pioneer-Phase and NameSpaceMandate-Phase (streets, etc.) can be made asap after root enty. Please see attached chart from Amadeu.

In the sunrise the priorities are mandatory and the phases are optional.
Amadeu: start with higher prices, this attracts real use. People are happy with prices going down
Werner: work on premium names should be pooled. Use the phase after the sunrise as an extended sunrise to auction/sell the premium names
Ewout: mentions that .SAARLAND is renting domains to organizations with a good plan.

  1. Update on ICANN & Future of Group Process (Dirk)

Dirk made his presentation (attached).

Werner: It is important that we use the next 3-4 months to shape important topics for the GeoTLDs, afterwards it is too late for changes in processes and policies, application support, idea sharing and coordination.
Amadeau: Be careful with amendments and negotiations on the contract with ICANN since this could delay individual GeoTLDs a lot. Sign instead and request changes and negotiations afterwards.
Dirk: One critial point in the Clarifying Questions is the Letter of Credit (valid for 3 points). The group agreed to exchange information on that to optimize the individual LoCs.
Dirk is taking care of an opern Google Drive space for posting documents. Werner is planning to post and updated version of the namespace mandate.
Paul brought up the concept of GeoTLDs working together on a joint marketing effort which promotes the local TLD concept.
As presented the general opinion was that the group does not need more structure or a formal charter or more organisation at this point of time, instead cooperation should drive the group forward.

How to work together in the future:

  • Use the maling list and Google Drive for regular topics and documents exchange
  • ConfCalls by ICANN ICANN Adobe Connect facility should be requested (Dirk)
  • Next face-to-face meeting in Berlin (supported by Berlin City government) after start of publication of initial results from 23 Mar onwards but before ICANN Bejing. Reason is that many participants are not going to Beijing
  • Use meeting room provided by ICANN for new gTLDs applicant group (Dirk ask Glen)

Task Forces:

  • Launch Phase – Werner, Amadeu, Dirk, Peter
  • Premium Names – Werner, Dirk, Ronald
  • Clarifying Questions – Dirk, Hartmut
  1. Other Business

The group thanked Paul and Egbert for organising the meeting. HUB, SIDN and the City of Amsterdam invited all participants for a dinner.

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