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geoTLDs at ICANN|63

Wednesday October 24th: geoTLDs as Enabler for Local Communities’ Support, City Branding, Smart City and E-Government solutions

Data Protection

The temporary specification for gTLD Registration Data came into force - Read more about the regulation and its consequences.

Perfectly Formed?

geoTLDs – Small but Perfectly Formed? Four years post-launch: Maria Farrell about her assessment to the geo’s today.

Branding your place

Why is a geographic top-level domain of interest to your city, region, language or culture community?

Our blog posts

  • The geoTLD Brochure

    We are proud to present our first geoTLD image brochure that gives an introduction of why our member cities and regions had applied for an own top-level domain and also provides a comprehensive overview of our association, its members and […]

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  • The geoTLD GDPR Survey 2018

    Scope of the geoTLD GDPR Survey 2018
    The application of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the DNS is a hot topic within the ICANN community.  However, since the implementation of the GDPR on May 25th, 2018, there has […]

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  • geoTLDs – Small but Perfectly Formed? (by Maria Farrell)

    I always geek out a little when I see something ICANN-related breaking out into the real world, like when the bus-stop display has borked, and its LAN is vainly searching for an IP number so it can reboot.
    Or the ICANN […]

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  • geoTLDs at ICANN 61 in San Juan

    At the recent 61th meeting of ICANN in San Juan (Puerto Rico) the number one topic was the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will be effective from 25 May 2018.
    Several sessions with governmental representatives dominated the seven […]

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  • A first-rate prize for first-rate design: The interactive online platform was awarded with the German Design Award in the category: “Excellent Communications Design”
    Change has tradition in the Ruhr Area. For over 50 years, a permanent process of “everything different again” has been forcing the residents to repeatedly ask: Where […]

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  • geoTLD GDPR comment at ICANN

    As geoTLD group we have made, among many other parties from the ICANN community, a comment towards the Hamilton Legal Analysis Part 3. All of the comments made are collected and published at Legal Analyses, Proposed Compliance Models, & Community […]

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  • Registries under fire by GDRP (and Registrars)

    ICANN accreditied gTLD Registries and Registrars are discussing the processing of Registrant data under the GDPR.
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  • Bilbao Mayor welcomes geoTLD meeting

    Today Bilbao’s mayor, Juan Mari Aburto, held an reception in the city hall to welcome the meeting of the geoTLD group. The meeting was organised by the .eus (Fundación Puntu) managing director Josu Waliño. Josu was secunded by the geoTLD […]

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  • Update GDPR Survey Results

    The General Data Protection Regulation  [GDPR]
    The General Data Protection Regulation is a European Union (EU) law regulating the way personal data of EU citizens and residents can be gathered, used, stored and transferred.
    GDPR is a EU Regulation, which is a […]

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    With and, the city of Essen is using two new domain endings for the big event.
    The European Commission has named Essen “The European Green Capital 2017”. The city is green and has a good quality of life which […]

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  • Mapping Virtual Space to the Geographical Environment

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  • geoTLDs meeting with Governments

    Today the members of our working group “geoTLDs and the GAC” were meeting with the plenary of the Governmenmental Advisory Committee (GAC) at the ICANN meeting in Copenhagen.

    Sebastien Ducos (.melbourne, …), Katrin Ohlmer (.berlin, …) and Marianne Georgelin (.paris, …) […]

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  • Universal Acceptance Issue Logging Facility

    The Universal Acceptance (UA) Steering Group is a community initiative supported by ICANN that’s been formed to help raise awareness in the global software industry and to help provide developers with tools and information to ensure that their systems are […]

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  • GeoTLD Group Association is incorportated

    Today we received the official documents of incorporation of the The GeoTLD Group Association internationale sans but lucratif (AISBL) as an association under registration of Belgium law with the registration number 0666479179.
    The appointed directors of the GeoTLD Group association are

    Chairman: […]

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  • GeoTLDs partly substitute ccTLDs

    ICANNs latest new gTLD study results of the “Phase II Assessment of the Competitive Effects Associated with the New gTLD Program” explores whether the program has affected competition in the domain name marketplace. Indeed it was found that GeoTLD registrations […]

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  • GeoTLDs meet at ICANN 57 in Hyderabad

    Representatives of over 25 geographic top-level domain (GeoTLD) operator were meeting for their regular meeting at ICANN 57 in Hyderabad.
    It was the first time the group met as incorporated association. Key topics of the meeting included latest ICANN developments, key […]

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  • Founding Act geoTLD Group

    On 26 Sep 2016 the GeoTLD ExCom-members, accompanied by Peter Vergote met in Brussels to sign the founding documents for the GeoTLD Group AISBL association. From left to right: Ronald Schwärzler (.wien), Sebastien Ducos (.sydney/.melbourne), Dirk Krischenowski (.berlin), Peter Vergote (.brussels/.vlaanderen).
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  • GeoTLD Meeting Vienna 2016

    Date: 29. – 30. September 2016 Starting Time on 29th : 11:00 a.m. / Estimated  End on 30th:  14:00 p.m. Location: Forum Mozartplatz Mozartgasse 4, 1041 Wien
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  • GeoTLD Domains in the Wild

    Every week we show you a new example how to use a "Geo" week 2016-39: week 2016-38: week 2016-37: Merken Merken Merken Merken Merken Merken Merken Merken Merken
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  • GeoTLDs and City Branding Indexes

    The serious inaugural Guardian Cities brand barometer ranks world cities on everything from transport and weather to crime and social ‘buzz’. I’ve add another layer to this ranking which marks those cities that have an own top-level domain.
    The full […]

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What stakeholders say about geoTLDs

Read the quotes of some of our stakeholders.

“The Scottish Government’s on-line identity is clearly defined by the .scot ( domain and marks us out in a crowded Internet. We led by example in adopting the domain as our primary web address and it is encouraging to see that so many thousands continue to follow."

First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeons

"We are .EUS and we want to invite, encourage and add the maximum of adherences to this initiative. .EUS represents the future of the Basque language and the global Basque Country."

Iñigo Urkullu, the President of the Basque Government

"Speaking at the official launch of .tokyo at the Park Hyatt hotel in Today marks the launch of .tokyo, the first new geographic domain representing a Japanese prefecture. Six years from now the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo. I look forward to seeing .tokyo showcasing the best of Tokyo and helping us to become the number one city in the world."

Yoichi Masuzoe, City of Tokyo Governor